PROTECT: A Strategy to Prevent Human Trafficking in Our Communities


  * Human trafficking is growing every year
  * 600,000 - 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year.
  * 80% are women
  * 60% are minors
  * The majority are enslaved in the sex trade
  * You can help! 

Developed by the Covenant’s Human Trafficking Task Force, PROTECT is a 40-page booklet developed as a part of the Covenant’s Break the Chains initiative. It is intended to empower local congregations to address the scourge of modern day slavery in their own communities.

The booklet also includes a listing of Key Contact Information that includes numbers and links to vital agencies, ministries and hotlines. PROTECT is made available partially through gifts to the Just Women project of Women Ministries.

P – The Power of Prosecution
R – Responsible Consumerism
O – Orientation to Healthy Relationships
T – Training to Identify and Report Trafficking
E – Education to Protect the Most Vulnerable
C – Community Response
T – Training to Support At-Risk Youth

PROTECT is just one of the many initiatives being used in getting the word out about human trafficking; click here for more information...

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  Welcome!  Bienvenidos! 
Women Ministries of the Central Conference

Fall Fellowship 2015


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“Triennial is meaningful worship, thought-provoking speakers, challenging learning experiences, heart-pumping excursions, life-altering spiritual experiences, and opportunities to take next steps in addressing injustice in our world". Journey together as women of the Covenant to an intentional spiritual adventure where we connect with God and one another across generations, cultures, geography, and life experience.

Meagan Gillan of Women Ministries said Kansas City provides a lot of advantages for the event. “The Crown Center Sheraton will be an excellent home for us,” she said. “It’s a beautiful hotel and there is a lot happening around it.”  Looking forward to Triennial XV in 2016 click for updates,

Hello!!!! Women Of Central Conference, I greet you in Love

I must say this has been an interesting year. I Praise God for every challenge and obstacle placed in my path. It has only made me stronger and open even more to HIM and His leading. Since I accepted this call by God it has been life changing for me and my family. I have learned what it really means to walk by faith and not by sight. Patience from God is a true gift. I am learning to listen more to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rather than focusing so much on things of this world. I have come to a place where I know Jesus has all of our concerns in the palms of His hands. That is so comforting to know.  

I have prayed sincerely for you all and I have truly felt your prayers for me. We all have had and have different challenges. Some may be in a season of rest—God Bless you, while others are dealing with the loss of family members and still others are in a work mode while raising families and all that it brings. My hope is that no matter where you are in this life's journey you are staying Focused on God.

Which is why we have gatherings twice a year—Spring Celebration and the Fall Retreat (HINT HINT). Though I live in the Chicago South District, I long to meet all of you when invited and sometimes when not—I sometimes invite myself (LOL). If I cannot make it to your churches, specifically Great Lakes, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the thoughts and prayers of those on the Leadership Team. I have been to places I never thought I'd go, but I do long to meet each and every one of you. 

For our gatherings in 2014, we celebrated Spring Celebration with women from the Western Illinois District where we were “Nourished to Flourish.” We experienced “Rooted” at the Triennial in San Diego. So fitting and moving are the themes God has given to keep us growing. 

On a sad note, we experienced the loss of our Historian, Jenny Christensen. While we are continuing to pray for her mom Sally, we pray for each other too, as it was such a significant loss to the women of the Central Conference as well. We are comforted to know she is resting in His loving arms, no longer in pain and made whole.  

As we plan our next retreats, I pray God continues to use us all in every way He sees fit and that we connect with one another in a way that truly represents HIM. Let our lives and ministries reflect God’s love and commitment. Let’s stay Focused on the things of God. If you haven't viewed the most recent video of our Executive Director, Meagan, please do so—you will be blessed by her message to us. Please keep our Executive Director and all she carries in your prayers, and pray also for her assistant Heidi, who is a true blessing.

So to those I will be meeting at the Fall Fellowship retreat, my hope is that your socks will be blown off by our God-chosen speaker, Minister Mary Putera—be ready for a life altering experience. God has a gift He is unwrapping through her for each us. Come expecting a close encounter with God. 

P.S. I am coming soon to a church in your district. Women of God be blessed.

"There is room at the altar for all women"

Thelma E. Lawson
President, Women Ministries of the Central Conference

    From the Heart of Our President

​Triennial XV ~ July 28-31 2016, Kansas City, Missouri
Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center
Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery

"This is the kind of fast day I'm after: to break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, cancel debts."
Isaiah 58:6 (The Msg.)
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